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Speech Therapy for Children

Your child’s progress is our priority

Is your child difficult to understand? Struggling to understand others or expressing what they mean? We can help.


Is your child having trouble pronouncing certain sounds? Do people have a hard time understanding what they are saying? Our Speech Language Pathologists will evaluate, differentially diagnose and develop an individualized 

treatment plan to improve their speech sound production skills.  


If your child is struggling with forming friendships, interacting with peers and adults or initiating and maintaining

typical social interactions

they may benefit from speech therapy to facilitate these skills and give them confidence in a variety of social situations.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

We can help you make learning fun and easy for your child. AAC devices and tools may use alternatives to verbal speech to aid them in learning and expressing themselves. A comprehensive evaluation will help us identify the right AAC system for them.

Early Intervention
for Toddlers

Your child’s first few years are crucial in their development. If you think your child is showing signs of delay in speech and language, let us know so we can evaluate and recommend early intervention services.

Picky Eating

Is feeding time a difficult and frustrating time at your home? These issues may lead to poor weight gain, choking, or feeding disorders. A speech therapist can help your child gain a healthier relationship with food and their meals.


Does your child struggle with tongue thrust, drooling, or swallowing? They might be having a hard time controlling the muscles in their mouth and face. A speech therapist, along with other multidisciplinary professionals, can help your child overcome this difficulty.


Whether your child is struggling with following directions, understanding and using grammar, vocabulary or pronouns and/or cohesively sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings, we can help strengthen these skills to help them develop age appropriate language skills.


Does your child struggle to produce words fluently? Does it sound like words are getting stuck in their throat or are sounds being repeated or prolonged? We specialize in helping children speak with less tension, become more fluent and increase overall self confidence when speaking.


While some older children may benefit from working at a table, we believe that many of our young learners acquire speech and language skills best while sitting on the carpet, playing with toys and learning through language bombardment. It is our job to make learning fun!

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