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Do you know a Thumb Sucker?
Eliminate Thumb Sucking in 30 days!

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We do NOT rely on painful or harsh appliances
When is the best time to try our program?

  • Between the ages of 4 & 6

  • Before permanent teeth grow in

  • BUT, if your child is older and continues to suck the thumb or fingers, don't worry! Give us a call

We use an oral habit elimination program incorporating:

  • Evidence based behavioral strategies

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Parent involvement

  • A little hard work

  • A lot of fun!

Our program motivates the child to take charge of ending the thumb sucking habit with help from the therapist & parents. This translates into success!

Give your child a​ Thumbs Up!

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Help your child gain control of this oral habit and prevent dental, breathing and speech problems often associated with extended thumb sucking.

Program Pricing

  • Complete program cost is $450, payable when service begins.

  • Find out if your child is a good candidate. We'd love to help. 

What Clients Say

"Claudia is a true gem in her profession.
She is caring and skilled and able to communicate effectively with patience when teaching children new concepts and skills.
My 5 year old stopped sucking his thumb after 30 days thanks to Ms. Claudia!" HK
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